Dobby did it!

Dobby. Dobby did it! We have a new and powerful platform for the Featured Content section of the Psychonomic webpage.

The team of elves at TRG (a Hogwarts subsidiary) has worked tirelessly behind the scences to convert all our existing content to the new platform. The chief deputy elf, Ryan Stoeffler, deserves a particular “thank-you” for his efforts in making this happen.

From here on, we will be continuing to deliver content using this new platform which is run by WordPress. The advantages of the new platform are numerous: WordPress is fully customizable and has plug-ins for just about any imaginable blogging task or feature. We will be gradually building up those features and hope to deliver a powerful search capability in the near future.

Another advantage of the new platform is that it has its own URL: From here on, you can go to to access a separate home page for the featured content. Having this separate home page facilitates browsing and searching of our content, but at the same time it is fully integrated into the Psychonomic webpage and our posts will continue to be displayed on the Psychonomic main page (

We will resume regular programming on this new platform later today. The Digital Content Editor, who is managing the platform, is very excited to enter this new and powerful era which will make his work a lot more pleasurable and efficient.

Thanks again to all the elves for their hard work.

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