New Service: Online Studies for Members

As part of the Psychonomic Society’s efforts to upscale its digital presence, we are introducing a new service by enabling members to post links to online experiments on the Society’s webpage. The new facility will be given its own page, Online Studies for Members, and the guidelines governing the use of this page are as follows:

    • Members who wish to place a link on that page need to contact the Digital Content Editor with information about the study. The Editor will ensure that each request fits within the remit of the Psychonomic Society and that it meets the quality standards of our journals.
    • We also need a statement that a study has been approved by Human Subjects Review/Ethics Committee, as would be required for any manuscript submitted to one of our journals.

We have no intention of overly complicating the process, and we suspect that it will be fairly straightforward to have studies approved and posted on the page.

Once studies are posted, the links will be disseminated via the Society’s Twitter feed (@Psychonomic_Soc) and via the Society’s Facebook page. This does not constitute an endorsement of the study by the Society but is simply a service that we offer members who wish to conduct online research using the expert community as participants.

Studies will remain “live” for some time but will ultimately be removed to prevent clutter.

One advantage of this facility is that it enables researchers to solicit input from experts—namely, other members of the Society—which permits research on expertise as well as crowd-sourcing efforts for knowledge generation.

Indeed, the first study that has gone “live” at the page involves a survey for crowd-sourcing of expert knowledge about working memory.

If any members have suggestions for how this new page could be improved, please get in touch. The Society is keen to enhance its digital profile.

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