The view from the 26th Floor: Welcome to Steven Weisberg, new Digital Associate Editor

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our new Digital Associate Editor, Dr. Steven Weisberg, who joined our team a few weeks ago. Steven is replacing Dr. Jason Finley, who had to leave our team for workload-related reasons.

So, welcome Steven, great to have you on the team. I aim to gradually replace all Digital Associate Editors with people whose first name is Steve, Stephen, Stephanie or, at a pinch, even Stephan. If it works for evolution, it has to work for Psychonomics.

Steven (shown below) has his own Psychonomics bio page here. He will be publishing his first post tomorrow, and I think you will agree that he’s got the engaging style combined with enthusiasm for scholarship that we aim for in our Featured Content.

I asked Steven to supplement his formal bio with a few more bullet points about himself, and he generously supplied the following:

  • “Attended the College of William and Mary, graduating cum laude with a BA in Psychology.
  • Received PhD from Temple University, working with Nora Newcombe, in Cognitive Psychology.
  • Now a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Penn, working with Anjan Chatterjee.
  • Awarded an NRSA F32 fellowship this year
  • Has been attending and presenting at Psychonomics since 2012.
  • Conducts research mainly on spatial navigation—how people learn and represent the world around them to get from place to place.
  • Also has research interests in map-reading, working memory, episodic memory, spatial language, and, most recently, bioethics.
  • Is an avid ultimate frisbee player, above-average movie-watcher, aspiring cook, and OK golfer.
  • Lives in a 26-floor Philadelphia, PA apartment with his wife, Lauren, and probably has a better view than you.”

This all sounds very impressive, although I must take issue with his last claim:

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