Periscoping #psGranada16

As the Psychonomic Society gathers in Granada to for the 2016 International meeting, we were thinking of the people that can’t make it. Fortunately, with modern social media apps like Periscope, we can bring Psychonomics to you.

If you are attending the meeting and you have a mobile phone, you can Periscope (or otherwise live stream) a talk or session to let those who cannot be in Granada join us. If you decide to livestream a talk or session, say so in the comments below this post.

Be sure to include the name of the talk or session, the time, and how you are going to broadcast it (e.g., if you are using Periscope, tell people your Twitter or Periscope username). Make sure you have the permission of the speakers you will broadcast, of course.

Also, mention on Twitter what you will be livestreaming (and when), and add the tag @Psychonomic_Soc so that we can retweet you. Tell your colleagues back home to tune in; they don’t need to have a Twitter account to see a Periscope stream; they just need to watch your Twitter profile when you start streaming.

We will be testing Periscope live-streaming in the “Future of Methodology in Psychological Science” session at 17:20-18:40 (Western European time) on Saturday 7th of May. Follow my twitter profile @richarddmorey about 5 minutes before the starting time for a link to the stream.

Leave your planned livestream information in the comments below, and let’s bring Psychonomics to social media live!

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