Explaining how The Processes of Explanation Live On

Our digital event on the processes of explanation came to a conclusion on Friday. The series of 6 posts covered various aspects of the special issue of the Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, guest edited by Andrei Cimpian and Frank Keil, that was dedicated to the psychology of explanations.

However, this does not mean that the digital event now recedes into the past, being pushed back down the list of published posts in the Featured Content section as new material is being published.

We now have a special section on our website that is dedicated to digital events, and that can be accessed using the button on the right (shown again below):

All our digital events during the last 2-3 years are directly accessible via that button. By now, we have run 7 digital events, and you can find out what the topics were by clicking on the button.

And if you want to selectively archive last week’s digital event on explanations, then you can use this link.

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