CRPI: Read it, Cite it, Submit to it! (and check out our end-of-year offer)

The Psychonomics Society’s open access journal, Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications (CRPI) is coming to the end of its second year of publication. You can (and should) check out the latest articles here. We started the journal for two main reasons. First, we wanted the Society to have an open access journal and second, we wanted to promote “use-inspired, basic research”. CRPI’s goal is to publish fundamental cognitive research (broadly defined) that starts from a question out in the world (also, broadly defined). For a more detailed account of what this means, have a look at my earlier editorial on the topic.

The journal is off to a good start, but launching a new journal is hard work in the present moment. As you will have noticed, there are a lot of “journals” out there, filling your email inbox with invitations to publish your most excellent work – often in a journal that seems light-years from your area of expertise.

Honestly, I really don’t have much to offer to the Journal of Agriculture. In this atmosphere, it is hard for a serious, new journal from a serious old scientific society to break through the clutter.

That is where you come in. You know that we are “real”. You know that we have a real (and very good) editorial board. You may be one of the people arguing for the importance of open access. And you are probably writing significance statements in grants and elsewhere, explaining how your basic research is relevant in the world. CRPI needs you and it especially needs you now, at this early stage of its development.

We need you to look at the contents. Sign up for article alerts here.

We need you to cite CRPI papers because that is how we get a citation index and, for better or worse, that is part of the life blood of a journal.

Most of all, we need you to send us papers. We would love to have your next, use-inspired empirical study. We would also love your review of a topic, explaining the connections between the lab and the world. If you have an idea for such a review, drop me an email (

Now, for the End-of-Year Offer: The Open Access model requires authors to pay Article Processing Charges (APCs). Psychonomic Society members already get a 30% discount. But, in the spirit of the holiday season, we are having a “sale” – until our funds for APC waivers run out. If you can send us a new submission before Dec 31st, we can waive half of the APC.

If you are going to take advantage of this, life will be easiest if you send me an email so that I know to look out for the paper. Send me an email if you have an idea for a paper or if you have a question about the appropriateness of a topic. Send me an email, if you know you have a paper and you know you want a waiver. Send me an email just so I don’t feel lonely here in editor-land. (

Step up and support the new Psychonomics journal. CRPI needs you.

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