38 shades of play: A digital event on the science of a diverse and pervasive behavior

We all know what it means to play. We play badminton, we play with others, we are playfully exploring an environment…. Come to think of it, there is so much to playing, what does it mean to play? According to the Oxford English dictionary, the word “play” has a total of 38 meanings – ranging from 28 shades of the verb to 10 variants of the noun. On top of that, play is not just confined to humans but is also common across many animal species.

This digital event focused on the psychology of play. The event coincided with the publication of a special issue of Learning & Behavior on The Evolutionary and Psychological Significance of Play. The issue was guest edited by Alex De Voogt (American Museum of Natural History) and Lance Miller (Chicago Zoological Society).

The following posts, listed in their order of publication, contributed to this event: