Will that depression rub off on me? How beliefs about mental illness influence our interactions

If people’s memory for past events was entirely accurate and if people could only act on things they remembered, our ability to survive in the world would be severely curtailed. This may sound provocative (it is) and counter-intuitive (it is) but it’s also commonly accepted as true. Why? Because if all you remembered about certain […]

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More on social media: Twitter Tech Tips and Facebook Features

In a previous post, Dorothy Bishop explained why it is that research scientists might be interested in using Twitter. I share her views, having been moderately active on Twitter for a few years under my handle @STWorg. I have lost count of the number of really interesting papers and articles that I have come across using Twitter. Although it […]

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Announcing the Psychonomic Society’s Featured Content Section

Thursday, September 25, 2014 The academic publishing business is undergoing a revolutionary transition. Within the last few years, conventional ‘paper’ publishing modes have become nearly obsolete and most scholarly literature is now online. On the face of it, this shift is merely technological. However, the technological shift has been accompanied by substantial cultural shifts towards […]

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