Digital Events

Digital events are groups of posts, usually published back-to-back in a week, that discuss a particular topic or article of interest to the Psychonomic community.

The following digital events are currently available:

  • #interfacetheory (September 2015). We perceive the world in representations that do not represent the “truth” about the world as it actually is, but that are useful “icons” which represent fitness-relevant information about the world.
  • Confidence intervals (December 2015). We all know what confidence intervals are, and how to interpret them. Or do we?
  • #symbodiment (June 2016). How are the meanings of words, events and objects represented and organized in the brain?
  • #goCRPI (September 2016). The Psychonomic Society launched its latest journal, Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications (CRPI) in September 2016.
  • #whatWM? (November 2016). We all know what working memory is. Or do we really?
  • #beyondAcademia (May 2017). Why do trained experimental psychologists leave academia and how do they make the transition out?